Loyal Reader – it’s been a while.

I need to get this dev blog written while I have a chance because more is coming – so let’s go while there’s a break in the waves. While there are some great features in today’s installment, the reality is over the past few weeks we’ve really been heavily focused on internal development – building out a new hosting environment, creating some testing and build automation, speed improvements(!!), and that sort of behind-the-scenes madness that I usually keep off of these pages.

But – that isn’t all we’ve been doing and some really nice updates slipped out as well – which I want to highlight for you here:

Easy stuff – Matterport, Vimeo, & 3D videos now work in all video options throughout your site – Squeeze, Blogs, Instafarms, etc. Ever-clever M2 (Melanie Magdelena) on our team has written up a help document on adding videos to a Squeeze (though it works similarly for other pages) if you need more info.

New Apps Layout – whew! Isn’t this a beauty? Let’s just gaze – apps are in tidy categories and clearly defined:

Plus, there is a text description for each app that changes on hover – if you’re unsure about what something does, you don’t have to open everything to figure it out.

And lastly, that footer – beautiful. The Help Center, Billing, This Blog (wow!) and a Need Help button that connects to Support chat. Mmm-hmm…

Speaking of beauty – we have a couple of app upgrades to show off as well:

Find Me is looking like the newer style of apps –

(Expert Tip: under Advanced you can toggle Schema data on/off, if you’re interested)

Also, Pixels got a massive visual upgrade:

No more guessing where to put a tracking code – we’ve tried to make the normal ones easy to find. And that footer…mmm-hmm. LeadSites is just blooming. I love watching the transition!!

Now, if you’ve read more than one of these, you know I like to save some good news for the end, like a reader thank-you, just for sticking with me, and today is no exception.

Perhaps like me, you’ve wanted to move quickly and set up a page, but you’ve just needed one thing. A picture. If it’s a household item, you may have learned some iPhone tricks so you could just take the picture yourself. But let’s say it’s 2 AM and you just have to have a photo of a tree, and it’s dark outside, plus, you live where there are no trees. You’re seeing the difficulty here, right?

Some of you just said, ‘What about Google?’ Well, let me tell you about Google. Using unlicensed photos can get you in a lot of trouble. We had a client who just a couple weeks ago received a demand letter from a firm representing a photographer. Fortunately, all our photos here at EasyAgentPRO are licensed so she was fine, but if she had just taken that off of the web…not so much.

Anyway, without me describing the 20 other problems people easily encounter in this space, you get that it’s a big problem. Well, it was. Now, you can pull stock, free-use photographs through a service called Pixabay right into your LeadSite.

Here’s how (using Squeeze as an example):

1. Click on a photo & select ‘Change Image’

2. Select ‘Upload Files’ in the top right – Click on the Green Button – Pixabay Images

3. Choose a good image for your purpose – there’s a search box here as well

4. Once you’ve selected a photo, click it & it will be pulled directly into your image gallery.

5. From there choose it, rename it, change the alt text or dimensions, then click ‘Choose Image’

6. Woo-hoo – stock image updated, click ‘Ok’ & keep rolling!

M2 strikes again with a help document for this if you need more info.

Now, as exciting as this batch of update are to me, we have a traffic jam right now of new templates, functionality, and improvements just waiting to jump on your site. So enjoy these improvements (they are all on your site already!) and keep looking for new features due any day.

Now – while this is a slightly different sort of update, I would like to direct you to our YouTube channel – need to know what Facebook Ads to run, what should be in your listing presentation, how to improve your rapport with leads, and how to manage follow-up effectively? Well…look no further – check out our most recent YouTube videos for lots of tips, tricks, and lead strategies!

Thanks for your feedback, comments, suggestions, and yes, even complaints. We take every bit of this seriously in our hunt for ways to constantly improve this product. We would love to hear what you think of these improvements – and if you find a specific issue on your site, please make sure to submit a ticket and Support will get it resolved quickly!!