New Updates To Pixels, LeadLock, Paths, and Squeeze! (Plus More Speed Boosts)

At EasyAgentPro, we’re constantly improving your user experience to ensure it’s as easy and effortless as possible for you to land quality leads and great clients.

Here are just a few of the most recent updates we’ve made to several apps that will make your daily efforts and actions that much more powerful.

Check it out!


To start, we’ve added advanced-settings to the Pixels app.

These are not required to setup your Pixel, but if you’re on the developer-side of things, it’s going to make your life a lot easier.

Under the Wild Card box, you’ll see “Advanced Users Only”

Tap that button on if you want to insert code into the body of your pages instead of the head. This is necessary for advanced tracking through Google Adwords and a variety of other platforms.


Leadlock now validates that the email field contains an email. This way, you can be sure your lead is legitimate.

You can also now customize the title by saying: title#lock. 

For example, if you created this link: John, Get Your Free Home Buying Guide Here!#lock

Your page will appear like this


Team members can be added to the Paths app in a snap!

All you have to do is select Create A New Path

And drop down to Wildcard Email Parsing.

From there, you can add member email accounts to receive those leads.

Other Updates

  • EAP footer branding removed from Squeeze pages (saves you a step in editing!)
  • Speed and bug problems continue to be resolved internally
  • More information has been added to the web parsing emails for users
  • The text for Leadlock description and Google Analytics error message has been changed
  • Better mobile and iHomefinder CSS rules – better condensed code = faster load times!
  • We’ve updated the Education dashboard with clickable icons for easy navigation

There’s a lot more to come, folks!

Let us know what you think of these improvement and we’ll be back with more excellent features soon!


Update Proghorn – More Speed On LeadSites

As I mentioned in a previous update, we’re addressing the speed of LeadSites very seriously. This update reconfigures nearly every script to optimize the on-site performance of LeadSites even more.

Update Proghorn condenses all scripts used to run your LeadSites apps into one main file. Basically, we’re pre-processing all of the scripts required to run your site, consolidating them into one file, and then condensing that file as small as possible.

This dramatically increases what I call Perceived On-Page Speed.

You should notice its effect immediately.

Note: If you’ve been on your site recently, your computer may have old versions of files saved, Revisiting your site may cause you to see those old files and new files in a way that makes the site appear broken. This issue should be solved simply by clearing your browser cache so that the old files are removed. Your visitors are seeing the correct, fast version.

We’ve decided to name this Update Proghorn because the pronghorn is the fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere. We expect LeadSites to be the fastest real estate website available in a few months, after a few additional speed improvements.

We’ve also restructured our development process. These new improvements will allow us to ship updates more frequently.

Speed Tools –

I’d also like to take some time to discuss web loading speed for a second here. There are many different web tools out there that promise to tell you if your website is fast. They all use a different algorithm and prioritize things differently.

For example:

While we try to meet all their rules, there are certain features of real estate websites that we all find valuable.  These core features are things like IDX, lead tracking, lead capture, and information based pages. These features require us to balance delivering the feature with the speed of the overall site.

That’s why we focus on Perceived On-Page Speed and not the results of these tests. As Google says on their site:

*This test checks to see if a page has applied common performance best practices. A high score is correlated with a fast user experience but does not guarantee it. Learn more.


Why We Focus On “On-Site” Speed

Speed tests are largely based around truisms. As a result of that, they aren’t always saying things that would concretely speed up your website. They are spouting truisms.

We focus on doing things that deliver actual on-site speed to your visitors before considering any “tips” these tools give us. We call this Perceived On-Page Speed.

In the future, we are working to make these online speed calculators give us a better score. But sometimes the things they recommend simply don’t or can’t apply to real estate websites.

We will do our best to make your sites function as fast as possible…then, we’ll care about what the speed tests say.

In the meantime, there are two small things we can do on a per-site basis to speed things up.

If you’d like your site sped up and have a video on your homepage, please fill out this form. We have a specific site speed optimization we can apply to home pages with video. It may take us awhile to reach out to you, but we’ll get there!

This week at EAP we are working on some more tactical resources for the product (in addition to more speed 😜). We’ll also have some cool stuff for you to use, generate leads with, and improve your marketing with shortly.

Until next time,

– Tyler

Blog Designs Are Live & We’ve Improved Load Speeds 25%! 🎉

 What’s the saying?

The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it does exist.

Well, EAP had a problem.

We focused very hard on delivering features to grow your business. And didn’t look into performance improvements on the product.

You made your discontent with that very known in Beat Zillow.

::: Example 1 :::

::: Example 2 :::


This feedback caused us to delay the launch of blog templates and re-write virtually our entire LeadSites app.

We’ve moved all LeadSites functions & files to a single location, deleted duplicate functions, script, style sheets, and combined all styles and scripts to one file.

We had ~130 static resources before.

Currently, we have ~70.

After combining we will have ~10. 😳

The results?

This update will boost site speeds by 25% on the average LeadSite.

And this is in addition to  4X’ing our server capacity, so we’re probably 50-100% faster than before we started addressing speed concerns.

…But here’s the thing

It’s still not good enough.

So, we’ve hired a special team to completely refactor, optimize, and perfect the speed with which a LeadSite loads. We will be shipping update-after-update for speed improvements over the next few days, weeks, and months.

This will not impact the speed with which we ship new functionality. In fact, the team that works on EAP Features is growing as well.

Our goal is to hit above a 90% on the Google PageSpeed tool. This poses quite a challenge with the limits of IDX data being served from 500+ different MLS providers with various licensing, legal, and server speed variables.

But, we’re working on it.


Now, Onto New Features 😊

Blog Templates

You can now choose various blog options for your LeadSite! Here’s what they look like:

These are hitting LeadSites today & tomorrow.

A Few More Small Updates…

EAP Support:

EAP Support response time, 1st response time, and replies to resolution have all been lowered over the last month.

We are actively working to lower these further.We’ll be implementing changes to our help center to hopefully increase the ability for users to find answers themselves. And then are also cataloging recurring tickets to make user interface changes that make things more intuitive.

We’ll be implementing changes to our help center to hopefully increase the ability for users to find answers themselves.And then are also cataloging recurring tickets to make user interface changes that make things more intuitive.

And we are also cataloging recurring support requests to make user interface changes that make things more intuitive.

Our Support Stats:


Have An Idea?

If you have something you’d like to see on LeadSites, please vote for it here.



Thank you for being a client of Easy Agent Pro. We really appreciate you and promise to keep working hard for you. Real estate is a tough business. We’re here to make it easier for you.


– Tyler Zey

EAP 4X’s Its Server Capacity

During the last few months, EAP has experienced significant growth.

We thought we were properly managing our servers during that time. However, over the course of several calls with our engineers, we were told that our servers were only at 40% of their total capacity.

Upon doing a deep dive with an advanced technical team today, they found that during peak usage we had a solid 5 core demand on a 4 core server.

In other words, we had demand during peak usage that exceeded capacity by 20%.

This Is Obviously Problematic.

Here’s how we’re addressing this problem:

1) We’re 4X’ing The Capacity Of Our Servers

This solution is obvious. The resources of our servers will be 4x greater. This means all site load speeds will be accelerated starting tomorrow. The servers are being updated Saturday, July 8th at 1-2am.

2) Automated Tasks Pushed To Off-Peak Hours

Your twice a week blogs will now publish at 2 am to avoid using up server capacity during peak hours. We have several internal dev operations that will also be pushed to off-peak hours.

These changes will ensure your LeadSites are achieving optimal load times when they’re needed most.

3) We’re Opening Another Server

In addition to increasing our server capacity, we’re creating another server to divert resources as well. This will help us maintain server capacity well into the future.

4) Deep Dives Into Server Performance

Going forward, we’ll be using New Relic for in-depth weekly reviews into our server resources. This will help us identify problems like this much sooner. All the while improving the entire performance of the LeadSites network.

We have a list of 100+ optimizations we want to roll out over the next few months. A majority of these updates will help increase site speed and load time for you.

Finally, I’m Sorry.

I’m sorry if your site was slow or down at any point during this growth phase. We did not have the proper resources in place to keep up with our growth, and that is our fault.

These updates will hit your site Saturday morning, July 8th at 1-2am CST.

They should drastically improve server performance immediately. Our intent is to make this the first step in a month-long process to upgrade server and site load speeds sustainably on the LeadSite’s Network.


LeadSites Now Works With Zapier, Webhooks and IDX!

LeadSites recently shipped an update to our integrations. We called this Paths. Paths lets you easily create different routes for leads to go down. You can send buyer leads into one CRM sequence, and seller leads into another CRM sequence.

But, we still only had 10-12 CRM integration partners.

🎉🎉That changes today! 🎉🎉

LeadSite’s now have a webhook integration with Paths. This means you can pull your leads from your LeadSite into any crm that integrates with Zapier!

It looks like this:


In this update, we also included 2 small accessibility changes. We noticed a ton of you not liking to login to your IDX control panel. So, we included a direct login link inside of the drop down menu:


Additionally, we included a link to this developers forum & our brand new feature voting forum. Both of these developments will bring our dev team closer to our customers. And hopefully let us make faster improvements to the product.


Read more about our voting forum here

Read More Updates Here

Read about how webhooks work here

New Blog Templates!

EAP just rolled out our new blog templates!

There are several reasons why this is a sneaky important update. Here are a few:

  • More readable fonts and font sizes
  • Stylish and modern
  • Choose your favorite style or multiple
  • More user friendly on desktop and mobile
  • The start of good things (more templates coming out in the future….)

These templates are updated for a mobile first world. They have great font sizes on any device. You can now also tweak the look of each post you write to match  your brand and experiment with new templates at any time. Finally, your blog will never get old because we will continue to create awesome templates to keep you looking like the real estate authority


These templates also speed up the overall load time of your website!

Here’s an overview by Tyler: