LeadSites Now Works With Zapier, Webhooks and IDX!

LeadSites recently shipped an update to our integrations. We called this Paths. Paths lets you easily create different routes for leads to go down. You can send buyer leads into one CRM sequence, and seller leads into another CRM sequence.

But, we still only had 10-12 CRM integration partners.

🎉🎉That changes today! 🎉🎉

LeadSite’s now have a webhook integration with Paths. This means you can pull your leads from your LeadSite into any crm that integrates with Zapier!

It looks like this:


In this update, we also included 2 small accessibility changes. We noticed a ton of you not liking to login to your IDX control panel. So, we included a direct login link inside of the drop down menu:


Additionally, we included a link to this developers forum & our brand new feature voting forum. Both of these developments will bring our dev team closer to our customers. And hopefully let us make faster improvements to the product.


Read more about our voting forum here

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Read about how webhooks work here

New Blog Templates!

EAP just rolled out our new blog templates!

There are several reasons why this is a sneaky important update. Here are a few:

  • More readable fonts and font sizes
  • Stylish and modern
  • Choose your favorite style or multiple
  • More user friendly on desktop and mobile
  • The start of good things (more templates coming out in the future….)

These templates are updated for a mobile first world. They have great font sizes on any device. You can now also tweak the look of each post you write to match  your brand and experiment with new templates at any time. Finally, your blog will never get old because we will continue to create awesome templates to keep you looking like the real estate authority


These templates also speed up the overall load time of your website!

Here’s an overview by Tyler: