Major Updates At EAP – Better Lead tracking, Better Looking IDX, Speed, bug fixes

It’s been a busy week here at EAP! We added a new squeeze page yesterday.

Today, we were busy making a ton more stuff better for everyone.

Better Lead Information:

We’ve added more information to our Lead Page and the lead notifs we send out.

You’ll now see the page name and url for every lead you get on your LeadSite. This means leads from Squeeze, Popups, ContactMe, InstaFarm and more will show you exactly the page the lead came from everywhere.

From your lead dashboard, you’ll be able see the page title the lead opted in on. You’ll also be able to click that title and be taken to the page.



We’ve also taken this information and passed it along to our various integration partners via our API.

For example, our webhook data now looks like this:


This means if you’re using Zapier with our Webhooks, you can now import lead page url and page title data to your CRM.

We build this out even more for LionDesk, Followup Boss, and Contactually.

Additionally, email notifications will have this information.

Minor Updates:

In preperation for a huge IDX release over the next few weeks, we updated the look of our single listing IDX page slightly. Stay tuned here! We should be announcing some industry leading things soon.

Bug Fixes

  • FB quote share now is only on blogs.
  • Contact me mobile rules are improved.
  • You can now select multiple images at once when setting up Instafarms

Introducing The Newest Squeeze Page To Wow Sellers And Attract Buyers

The updates keep on coming!

We’ve got another great squeeze page template for you to customize for your market!

Buyers love photographs, especially good ones!

You can get qualified leads and help them find their dream home with this new page!

It looks like this

You can offer up a ton of value all in a few simple lines.

With this one page you’re promising leads:

Instant access to the price of the property, plus beautiful pictures.

As well as a list of similar homes they can look forward to if this one doesn’t quite fit their needs.

And the opt-in is actually a one or two part process that allows your lead to choose their level of involvement.

They can get all this value by only submitting a single piece of contact information – their email.

Or, if they’re seriously interested in viewing this home, they can continue onto the form on the next page to setup a showing.

Under your call to action you can place a gorgeous “teaser” image of the property you’re selling.

This gives leads just a taste of what’s to come and what you have to offer.

You can also choose a version of this squeeze page with an opt-in form specifically created to capture those Facebook leads.

You’ll find these pages and more under the Squeeze app in the backend of your LeadSite.

Check out this video to get acquainted with all the new landing pages you can build and customize!

That’s all for today!

We’ll be back with more updates soon!

LeadSites SEO And IDX Progress Update (PLUS: Better APIs, More Speed, & Industry Leading Service Worker Implementation)

We’ve come along way in the past few months at Easy Agent Pro. And wanted to take some time to update you on the progress.

In the last few months, we have lowered the number of scripts, styles, and resources needed on each LeadSite pageload. This has increased our Google pagespeed ratings. And noticeably sped up LeadSites.

Additionally, one of our core focuses has been to make IDX better on LeadSites. We’ve gone about this in several ways.

Here’s a short list of the features we’ve added

  1. Combining and speeding up IDX load times
  2. Introducing “Target Areas”
  3. Compressing the entire site’s scripts/styles
  4. Introducing HTTP/2
  5. Upgrading To PHP7
  6. Being one of the first in the industry to roll out Service Workers
  7. New Listing Sitemap
  8. New single property listing page

All of the above things either make your IDX better for SEO or faster.


For example, the listing sitemap gives Google access to all of your listings. This is a huge deal. Almost no one in the industry includes this for free. Yet, it’s the only way to ensure Google even finds all of your listings.

This automatically helps you rank higher for individual listing address searches. Additionally, it creates more pages on your site that link to your main “InstaFarms” and “Target Areas.” This helps boost your SEO rankings.

Target Areas, additionally, also helps Google find your listings better. This shortcode builder lets you link clouds across your entire site that make it easier for Google to find all your listings. This can dramatically increase the amount of pages on your site that are indexed. And thus, increase your traffic/leads.

Finally, the single listing property squeeze page gives you the ability to market individual listings in style!

In terms of our roadmap for the next few weeks, we want to:

  • Add the ability to change the template for your listings
  • Add in more listing templates
  • Create a shortcode for schools like the Target Areas shortcode
  • Do one more thing that’s probably going to be an industry first 🙂


The introduction of HTTP/2 was big for us. HTTP/2 is a bit technical. But, it basically allows us to retrieve multiple pieces of data on page load for your site at once. The old setup (HTTP/1) only lets you load one stylesheet, script, or page at once. This creates longer wait times. HTTP/2 helped a lot.

The introduction of service workers is a big step forward for us. This is a new technology that lets you pre-load and save assets over long periods of time. We have big goals and ambitions for what this will allow us to do in terms of LeadSite’s working without internet connection.

We’ve successfully gotten one of our test sites to have a 95 score on Google’s Page Speed tool. This should translate into faster loadtime times. We have several things in the works to dramatically improve this score in a few weeks.



Facebook Login – We’ve updated the Facebook login feature to work in two situations where it wasn’t before. We’ve also updated it to be more customizable. You can now customize the buttons further.

Help Center – We’ve moved Intercom to our new help center.

Today’s update also includes API refreshes for Contactually, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact. This is in addition to our refresh of the Liondesk integration last Friday.

We hope to make these integrations as useful as possible for you. Let us know if there are features your more data you’d like us to pass through.

Speed – LeadSites Have It Now.

Over the last few months, we’ve been busy rolling out features. But, today is one of our biggest days.

We’ve successfully made LeadSites get a 90+ score on Google Page Speed Tool.

This is from our demo/testing site:


Speed matters on the web. It’s good for conversion; reading blogs; viewing listings; and more.

Today, we’re very excited that LeadSites is considered fast by the defacto speed testing tool on the web.

Now, some notes on this. You should see speeds in this range if:

  1. You do not have a video homepage. If you have one of these, toss a blog article into the speed test tool.
  2. You have optimized images. We’re working on an automated solution to automatically optimize all images on our network. But, it’s not ready yet. If this concerns you, contact [email protected] or optimize your images yourself. You should see speed scores like this.
  3. Google Analytics & Tracking Scripts: Google analytics and Facebook tracking scripts are not cached. This means they will ding your score.
  4. SSL: If you have an SSL, you’ll notice your score is 2-3 points lower.

All that being said, we’re much excited about this and have tons of plans in store for continuing to increase speed on LeadSites.

Oh, we also updated our LionDesk API.  

That looks like this:

LionDesk kicks off their action sequences/campaigns based on Buyer and Seller tags. You can now add those Buyer/Seller tag in addition to any tags for sorting.

New UI, Facebook Lead Ads, Better Blogging, Some Speed & More!

Well, it’s that time again. We’re shipping big updates to LeadSites! Here are more details:

UI Kit

We’ve redone our entire backend with an emphasis on speed & consistency. You’ll notice a lot of the buttons and input fields look different. This new UI kit will help us ship uniform looking features quicker in the future. (It will also enable us to compress and combine some files later this week/early next to speedup the backend).

Facebook Lead Ads

Ever setup a Facebook Lead Ad and then struggle to get those leads into your CRM? Or have you had to pay someone like Zapier $15-$20/mn to get those leads somewhere?

Not Any More!

You can now integrate your Facebook Lead Ads with your LeadSite & Paths. Here’s how:

This means all your leads from Facebook can end up in any CRM we connect with. This opens up a whole new avenue for lead capture on a LeadSite.


Later this week, we have some exciting things to share around Google Page Speed Testing. We’re super excited to ship those things and more!

Here Are Some Smaller Things In This Update:

  • Bullets and Numbering for pages/posts when writing
  • “Last saved” for pages/posts displays proper time data
  • New preview icon for pages/posts
  • iXactcontact email parsing works better
  • Header Leads preview is fixed
  • Footer EAP links to new tab/window
  • Contact form phone input works better on mobile/Android

LeadSites and IDX Play Nice w/ Easy Lead Sharing! (PLUS: 1 Great Blog Update)

Well this update’s been a long time coming.

It’s a great basic functionality improvement to your site, and it’s going to free us up to start working on some much juicier updates in the future.

Your LeadSite and IDX dashboard now share lead information seamlessly back and forth.

Pretty sweet, right?

So now when someone opts in via any of your IDX lead capture forms, like these:

You’ll see the lead show up immediately in your dashboard, like this:

And YES, you can also create a Path for your IDX leads and set the Path (in the Settings app). Like this:


It’s now easier than ever to send your leads from your LeadSite to your IDX dashboard, or vice versa.

If you captured leads with a squeeze page and want to you add them to your IDX for updated search drip emails…

You can do that.

If you capture leads with an IDX popup and you want to send them to your LeadSite and CRM…

You can do that too.

Seamless. Easy.

Hope you like it 🙂

One other good “quality of life” update coming your way:

Blogs Now Save When You Hit The ‘Back’ Button

Isn’t it the worst when you hit “back” on your blog post … Then remember you forgot to save it?

Yeah. It’s the worst.

So today’s update adds a behind-the-scenes fix for that:

More great updates on the way!



On-Page Power: Redirects, Page-Specific Tracking Code, And More

Today’s update is all about bringing more powerful options to your specific pages and blog posts:

You now have advanced settings that allow you to install page-specific pixels if you want more tracking power on pages and blog posts.

You can now also setup redirects. So if you have old blog posts on your new site with a different URL and need to use redirects for SEO purposes, you can do that. Or if you want an old resource to redirect to a new and better resource, you can do that too.

And for our highly advanced users, or for you who are working with a web development savvy marketing firm, you can also now add custom CSS and JavaScript to specific pages!

We also removed or condensed more code from the “head” section of LeadSites. You should continue to notice incremental speed improvements.

More great updates on the way!



Rich Pins, Twitter Cards, and a Smarter Media Library

Today’s update brings exciting changes to your LeadSite that allow you to use the latest shiny tools on Pinterest and Twitter (as well as a few other “creature comfort” improvements to your site).

Ready to look better on social media?

YES! We’re pushing code to your LeadSite that allows you to use both Rich Pins on Pinterest and Twitter Cards on Twitter.

Both of these tools allow you to create a richer, more impressive experience for your fans on social media.

Double Emails on Resetting Passwords

If you’ve ever gone through a password reset then you know that our process was a bit… Messy.

In some cases, multiple emails were going out, making it seem like your password was getting reset multiple times.

Sorry 🙁

But it’s fixed now 🙂

Media Library Pagination

Want better organization for the files in your media library?

You got it!

This update allows you to browse items in your library by file type.

No more digging through images for that ebook PDF!

Squeeze Edit Button

Were you having trouble using your edit button to go from your Squeeze page back to the editor?

You weren’t alone.

Sorry 🙁

But that’s fixed now too 🙂

These updates will ship tonight or early tomorrow.

More great updates on the way!



We Cut Dead Weight For Faster EVERYTHING (Plus: Integrate with Infusionsoft and Better Email Parsing)

Some updates are shiny and obvious, like a new squeeze page template or a total overhaul of an app. Today’s updates are less obvious but bring massive improvements to your LeadSite experience.

Here are a few things to get excited about:

Integration with Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is one of the most powerful marketing automation platforms out there. And if you’re an Infusionsoft user, you can now integrate directly with your LeadSite:

Better Email Parsing

In short: Email parsing is now bigger and better.

You can send more data from your LeadSite to wherever you need it to go.

And for many of you, you’ll be glad to know that you can send leads more effectively to platforms like Boomtown.

A Better 404 Page For Non-IDX LeadSite Users

Recently, we added a better 404 page that shows featured listings for LeadSite users with IDX so site visitors never hit a dead end on your site.

Today, we’re adding a 404 page that works for LeadSite users who use our non-IDX option.

Removed 22MB Worth Of Data From Backend

In our continued effort to makes LeadSites lightning fast, we combed through LeadSites to find any wasted space and remove it.

Part of today’s update will slice out 22MB of dead weight, which will make your site leaner and faster.

Squeeze Is Now Faster Than Ever

Previously, different squeeze pages pulled from their own individual asset libraries.

But all of the design elements now pull from a central library, which saves space and speeds up load times.

Even More Speed Improvements

One of the requirements of modern search engine optimization is to have lean code in the “head” section of any website. This creates fast load times and a better experience for your site visitors.

With this update, we’re removing or condensing over 600 lines. 

More great updates on the way!



Infusionsoft Integration & Backend Speed Improvement

We’re excited to announce that LeadSites now integrates with Infusionsoft. Much like every other Paths integration, you can where leads go inside Infusionsoft, what leads get sent to Infusinosoft, and how your leads are distributed in Infusionsoft.

You can setup your Infusionsoft account with your LeadSites via Paths Api Settings. And then add it to any Path.




Finally, we’ve incorporated some backend speed updates in this launch to hopefully make your experience with LeadSites better.