HTML Minification, Auto Image Optimization On Upload, Faster Time To Load, And Better Lead Capture On InstaFarm

Great shipments today on the LeadSite network.

We were able to rollout HTML Minifcation and automatic image optimization.

HTML Minification was one of the last few things we had to optimize for the Google page speed test. As you can see below, there is only one pesky category left. And we’ve already cut down the things showing up in this category!


We’ve also enabled automatic image optimization & you should start to see more of your old images not throw errors on Google speed tests.


We’ve also upgraded our InstaFarm lead capture. You used to have to click the submit button to submit a lead. Now, you can also hit enter! We’ll be making sure all of our forms do this in the future as it should increase lead capture rates.

Finally, because of the way we’ve restructured our css/js and optimized images, you should be seeing a faster time to page load. This is consistent with how sites like Facebook load now. You’ll see the framework show up first. Then, you’ll see the colors/design. Finally, you’ll see the images.

This should vastly improve speed across the network.