Security, Speed, & Performance Improvements

Today’s update to the LeadSite networked improve security, speed, and performance with over 15 individual bug fixes shipping.

The initial results from our IDX improvements for SEO/Google rankings, lead conversion, and traffic are looking great.

We’re shipping some awesome IDX improvements in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Mobile Updates, IDX Improvements & More

This weeks update included 15+ mobile encancements to make your LeadSite perform and convert better on mobile.

We’ve also enhanced the search page menu to include all sortable features:


Introducing, Forever Scroll & Infinity Similar Listings:




You can also edit the look of your menu and add a favicon now too:


More stuff coming soon!

More Improvements For LeadSites!

We’ve been hard at work and have a ton of new things that just launched today.

Here’s the run down –

3 new idx result card – 

Scrolling through your listings will look better than ever before! You can pick your favorite listing look inside of your IDX app.


Support helper text added to apps!

Favicon Support:

Easy Agent Pro LeadSites cutomers can now customize their favicon from the settings app:

Mobile, Speed, And Performance Improvements

  • Better mobile rules for similar listings
  • Basic search classic view better mobile rules
  • MLS areas search work on -alt ihf idx now
  • Liondesk api update
  • Better mobile rules for listing price
  • Better performance and mobile rules for smart menu
  • More google page speed
  • Contact me mobile fixes

More Speed!

Today, we shipped an update that reduces the pageload time of every LeadSite even more. We’ve been able to refactor a majority of our older apps to condense the size of every page.

This makes sure you keep seeing the features you like; while making your site even faster.

Brand New IDX Template & Clickable Searches From IDX

Today, we’ve launched our first of several new IDX templates. It looks like this:

You can enable it by going to APPS > IDX > And Selecting This Template.

We’ve also optimized our listings more for Google by auto linking all School districts and MLS areas to searches. This will increase the number of pages, listings, and urls google finds on your site. Thus, increasing the SEO rankings for all LeadSites.


There were also fixes and speed updates to several apps and pages included in todays update. Enjoy!


Similar Listings Now LIVE + Better Pinterest Sharing

We’ve got a major upgrade to share with you today!

That we know you’re going to love.

Oh, Google is going to like it a whole lot, too!

Our new Similiar Listings feature is now live on LeadSites!

And yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

How It Works

Similar Listings will cross-link all of your listings to other listings like them.

This way, you can show multiple listings with comparable features right on the same page.

The biggest benefit of this is how it will impact your SEO and search engine rank-ability.

Now, when Google finds a listing it will automatically land on an additional 2-5 more listings.

This means you’ll start to show up in even more places and have that many more chances to be discovered by leads.

It creates a cross-linking effect automatically.

Plus, leads can now view and compare multiple listings at once!

You’ll also notice our IDX makes it easy to search other Zip Codes in various price points:


Pinterest is a great way to generate traffic and broaden your network.

And people love to pin content from credible websites!

We’ve updated the look and design of the Pinterest button and pinnable images.

This way, both you and those who share to Pinterest from your website will have a more flawless experience.

Plus, this should increase Pinterest conversions as well!

Because overall, they just look better and are likely to performer better as well.

That’s all for today!

Remember to refer back here to our dev blog to keep up with all the new updates that will continue to improve your LeadSite experience.

Talk with you again soon!

– Tyler


No more Facebook debugger?

Facebook has a streak of making life hard on marketers in 2017.

They removed the ability to customize link posts. They prioritize video. Now, they prioritize live video.

We saw agents really struggling with that first one though.

If you shared a blog post to Facebook, and then changed the featured image, it wouldn’t update!

Say goodbye to that! 🙂

After today, LeadSites auto update your images, titles, and descriptions for you!

Also included in this update:

  • UTM’s added to the contact page fields
  • Several other bug fixes

LeadSites Now Have UTM Tracking (PLUS: 2 New Squeeze Pages)

We’re super excited to announce this new feature. In addition to showing the every page a lead opted in on, LeadSites is now able to track Google’s UTM codes.

What’s that mean?

This means you can tell exactly what leads came from which social sharing source right from your Leads Dashboard.

It’s simple! Just build a link here, share it to Twitter, Facebook or via email…

And any leads you get will have all the data you included before sharing.

It looks like this:

We are rolling this out Monday, October 16!

This will allow you great tracking for all of your social media and marketing efforts.

Additionally, we have two new Squeeze pages hitting the network.

They look like this:



HTML Minification, Auto Image Optimization On Upload, Faster Time To Load, And Better Lead Capture On InstaFarm

Great shipments today on the LeadSite network.

We were able to rollout HTML Minifcation and automatic image optimization.

HTML Minification was one of the last few things we had to optimize for the Google page speed test. As you can see below, there is only one pesky category left. And we’ve already cut down the things showing up in this category!


We’ve also enabled automatic image optimization & you should start to see more of your old images not throw errors on Google speed tests.


We’ve also upgraded our InstaFarm lead capture. You used to have to click the submit button to submit a lead. Now, you can also hit enter! We’ll be making sure all of our forms do this in the future as it should increase lead capture rates.

Finally, because of the way we’ve restructured our css/js and optimized images, you should be seeing a faster time to page load. This is consistent with how sites like Facebook load now. You’ll see the framework show up first. Then, you’ll see the colors/design. Finally, you’ll see the images.

This should vastly improve speed across the network.

Major Updates At EAP – Better Lead tracking, Better Looking IDX, Speed, bug fixes

It’s been a busy week here at EAP! We added a new squeeze page yesterday.

Today, we were busy making a ton more stuff better for everyone.

Better Lead Information:

We’ve added more information to our Lead Page and the lead notifs we send out.

You’ll now see the page name and url for every lead you get on your LeadSite. This means leads from Squeeze, Popups, ContactMe, InstaFarm and more will show you exactly the page the lead came from everywhere.

From your lead dashboard, you’ll be able see the page title the lead opted in on. You’ll also be able to click that title and be taken to the page.



We’ve also taken this information and passed it along to our various integration partners via our API.

For example, our webhook data now looks like this:


This means if you’re using Zapier with our Webhooks, you can now import lead page url and page title data to your CRM.

We build this out even more for LionDesk, Followup Boss, and Contactually.

Additionally, email notifications will have this information.

Minor Updates:

In preperation for a huge IDX release over the next few weeks, we updated the look of our single listing IDX page slightly. Stay tuned here! We should be announcing some industry leading things soon.

Bug Fixes

  • FB quote share now is only on blogs.
  • Contact me mobile rules are improved.
  • You can now select multiple images at once when setting up Instafarms