3/26 Update – Templates, Speed, & Thank you!!

And we’re back…new week, new code.

I’m not going to belabor this beauty – let’s just roll with it:

1. Bragwall Template – there are now FIVE templates for you to choose from:

Login into your LeadSite – go to Apps –> Bragwall –> Templates –> Brag Wall Page & see the choices yourself!

2. Nice speed improvement loading Squeeze – especially if you have a lot of Squeeze pages and have a lot of traffic. We optimized some code that was running through too much of this data on load.

3. Lastly (and maybe bestly), I’m pretty stoked about this ‘Thank You’ feature! Have you ever been setting up a Squeeze page and you really didn’t care where the leads went afterward, like you didn’t need a specific page and you really just wanted to save your Squeeze and drop the URL in your ad and be done? That’s happened to me, for sure…and now, you don’t have to worry. There’s a generic ‘thank-you’ page built into Squeeze.

In the Squeeze Customize section you’ll see this option now –

Upon successful submission, you can see the page – it uses site colors, & design elements –

I shouldn’t tell you that you’ll be able to customize this in the future, Tyler wouldn’t be happy to know that I’m committing him to do more work, but really, it’s inevitable, right? 😉

So there you have it – a nice little tidy shipment on Monday. Hope your week is off to a great start!!

2/13 Update – Faster, Better, Prettier

No, I’m not talking about myself. That would be rude. But our new update? I could go on for days.

As we’ve talked about in this space before, we’re increasing the pace of improvement and this update has several great examples. In general, we’ve been converting old apps to our new app structure and adding deeper features across LeadSites in general. So – let’s jump into this update!

Faster –

Squeeze Redirects – ever feel like these take a little longer than they should? Well, they are a lot faster now. Redirecting to a new page or to a download is speedier.

Listing Sitemaps – generating faster, displaying faster, hopefully causing less conditions where Google has issues with reading them.

IDX property pages – we’ve improved how we’re handling images on these pages and consequently upped the overall load speed. Fly my houses, fly!!

Better –

Squeeze Form Field Validation – all fields have validation now & validation is standardized. Look for this to continue improving the quality of your submitted lead data.

Better email deliverability for leads & notifications – we’ve implemented a service for emails from your site that should be much improved. Also, pro-tip – whitelist yourself so you always receive emails about leads & reviews.

#open Open House Leadlock now has a Path – you’ve been able to instantly turn any single property IDX page into an open house Leadlock just by adding #open for a while, but now you can direct these leads down a particular Path – click the Path’s icon at the bottom of the Open House IDX template selector.

And that pops up the Path’s dialog so you can choose where you want these leads to go:

Now – and here’s where we start getting into Prettier…Leadlock is great for adding a quick lead capture or open house form to any page. However, if you want to create a Squeeze page for an open house (or several) and then direct the leads from that Squeeze to a particular list or other system – well, that’s available now too!

Prettier –

Squeeze has a new category of templates – Open House

And how pretty is this?

Like single-property squeeze, this is completely editable, so not IDX-based – can be used for pre-listing, rentals, etc. You could create these for several open houses over a weekend, give each a different path so you could tag and track leads, etc. Lots of options with this. We will be adding new templates for these in coming updates.

Speaking of new templates, 2 popular Squeeze templates got refined and updated –

These aren’t huge changes, but some small CSS updates that the page feel more professional & designed – hover states on the buttons, radius’ on corners, etc.

Also their pop-ups were rewritten:

And speaking of templates – have you seen Bragwall lately? There are four, 4, (count’em) 4! templates you can easily switch between:

This is our ongoing direction for LeadSites – enable templates and then design and build them. We’ve simplified the code on our templates to make it easier and more standard to create them – Robert has always drawn our pages, but recently, he’s been designing, then coding the HTML and CSS. You’re going to see more and more of these in each app. How are these for pretty?



Mmm…choose the template that best fits your site, brand, personality. Try them on – go on, see which one fits you!!

Lots more goodness coming (homepages anyone?)(oops – I don’t think I was supposed to say that).

Thank you for your feedback – we listen, and dev/change/grow. It’s not always perfect, not as fast as we (and you) wish, but we are moving forward faster and faster. Thanks for reading and for being a part of this great community. We love what we do, and we hope it shows!

P.S. Did you set up your site to generate referral credits??


Loyal Reader – it’s been a while.

I need to get this dev blog written while I have a chance because more is coming – so let’s go while there’s a break in the waves. While there are some great features in today’s installment, the reality is over the past few weeks we’ve really been heavily focused on internal development – building out a new hosting environment, creating some testing and build automation, speed improvements(!!), and that sort of behind-the-scenes madness that I usually keep off of these pages.

But – that isn’t all we’ve been doing and some really nice updates slipped out as well – which I want to highlight for you here:

Easy stuff – Matterport, Vimeo, & 3D videos now work in all video options throughout your site – Squeeze, Blogs, Instafarms, etc. Ever-clever M2 (Melanie Magdelena) on our team has written up a help document on adding videos to a Squeeze (though it works similarly for other pages) if you need more info.

New Apps Layout – whew! Isn’t this a beauty? Let’s just gaze – apps are in tidy categories and clearly defined:

Plus, there is a text description for each app that changes on hover – if you’re unsure about what something does, you don’t have to open everything to figure it out.

And lastly, that footer – beautiful. The Help Center, Billing, This Blog (wow!) and a Need Help button that connects to Support chat. Mmm-hmm…

Speaking of beauty – we have a couple of app upgrades to show off as well:

Find Me is looking like the newer style of apps –

(Expert Tip: under Advanced you can toggle Schema data on/off, if you’re interested)

Also, Pixels got a massive visual upgrade:

No more guessing where to put a tracking code – we’ve tried to make the normal ones easy to find. And that footer…mmm-hmm. LeadSites is just blooming. I love watching the transition!!

Now, if you’ve read more than one of these, you know I like to save some good news for the end, like a reader thank-you, just for sticking with me, and today is no exception.

Perhaps like me, you’ve wanted to move quickly and set up a page, but you’ve just needed one thing. A picture. If it’s a household item, you may have learned some iPhone tricks so you could just take the picture yourself. But let’s say it’s 2 AM and you just have to have a photo of a tree, and it’s dark outside, plus, you live where there are no trees. You’re seeing the difficulty here, right?

Some of you just said, ‘What about Google?’ Well, let me tell you about Google. Using unlicensed photos can get you in a lot of trouble. We had a client who just a couple weeks ago received a demand letter from a firm representing a photographer. Fortunately, all our photos here at EasyAgentPRO are licensed so she was fine, but if she had just taken that off of the web…not so much.

Anyway, without me describing the 20 other problems people easily encounter in this space, you get that it’s a big problem. Well, it was. Now, you can pull stock, free-use photographs through a service called Pixabay right into your LeadSite.

Here’s how (using Squeeze as an example):

1. Click on a photo & select ‘Change Image’

2. Select ‘Upload Files’ in the top right – Click on the Green Button – Pixabay Images

3. Choose a good image for your purpose – there’s a search box here as well

4. Once you’ve selected a photo, click it & it will be pulled directly into your image gallery.

5. From there choose it, rename it, change the alt text or dimensions, then click ‘Choose Image’

6. Woo-hoo – stock image updated, click ‘Ok’ & keep rolling!

M2 strikes again with a help document for this if you need more info.

Now, as exciting as this batch of update are to me, we have a traffic jam right now of new templates, functionality, and improvements just waiting to jump on your site. So enjoy these improvements (they are all on your site already!) and keep looking for new features due any day.

Now – while this is a slightly different sort of update, I would like to direct you to our YouTube channel – need to know what Facebook Ads to run, what should be in your listing presentation, how to improve your rapport with leads, and how to manage follow-up effectively? Well…look no further – check out our most recent YouTube videos for lots of tips, tricks, and lead strategies!

Thanks for your feedback, comments, suggestions, and yes, even complaints. We take every bit of this seriously in our hunt for ways to constantly improve this product. We would love to hear what you think of these improvements – and if you find a specific issue on your site, please make sure to submit a ticket and Support will get it resolved quickly!!

2/1 Update – Good Stuff Ahead

Well – who knew that our first major 2018 update would be so exciting.

Unfortunately, I don’t just mean the new and improved features of Squeeze 2, the new team pages, new sorting options for Bragwall, and some core/speed updates that should have been really pleasing.

I also mean the unexpected bugs, issues with Squeeze 1 pages working correctly, and a sprinkling of issues and disappointing problems across sites.

If you were one of those impacted, you probably don’t think I’m using strong enough language.

EasyAgentPRO is a young company – young enough to still make a whopper now and then, and this was definitely that. We’ve been working nearly ’round the clock to fix bugs, repair issues, and examine the process that got us into this spot. We’ve had a number of insights and improvements even under the gun of getting back to good and we wanted to share some of those with you.

  1. We made a change in our dev staff. At the bottom of these issues is bad code and we are too good for that at this point. So…long.
  2. We have built and implemented automated testing. One of the challenges of a growing codebase is that human testing processes become more difficult to manage – ultimately, humans get tired of testing things, and dev’s and QA testers start subtly hoping for the best. Our automated testing already caught a bug that we’ve repaired.

3. We’ve been able to improve our codebase while fixing a number of these bugs – so the net is better functionality, cleaner code, and a better experience for users going forward.

But these are just part of our improvements. While largely overshadowed by Thursday’s release, we’ve also returned to a full content schedule just last week. Mike Hicks, an agent and marketer from Tampa, FL is creating YouTube videos, Tyler is doing a once-a-week interview, we’re running a full blog schedule and are producing weekly explainer videos on LeadSites features.

We recognize that these activities are important aspects of the value we offer and they had been stopped for some time. We’ll continue to provide great content that helps you understand how to use LeadSites to get leads and grow your business.

We have worked hard over the past six months to improve our product and gain momentum in our support and development teams. This last week has been a difficult challenge in these areas. We’re learning some hard lessons, but we remain committed to giving you a great product that supports your real estate goals.

Now – a few words about the improvements in this release – I mean, there is a lot of good news buried under the bugs 🙁

1. BragWall Ordering

Ever wish you could just put your best foot forward, on your Bragwall? Now you can…just drag and drop:

2. Squeeze 2 Features

Yes, I know…these didn’t rollout smoothly, but still, the Squeeze 2 interface is beautiful and it adds some really sweet functionality that was missing in Squeeze Let’s break a couple of these down:

Split Testing – when you’re building a landing page, there’s almost always a question of which approach – which language, which picture, which call to action? Now you don’t have to guess, and you don’t need another platform or some big complicated set up – you can just make a second page, then monitor to see the winner:

Cloning – ever want a page exactly like a current page, but you just need to change a few things? That used to mean re-building a page from the ground up, trying to match the content and choices you made in the first page. And now, there’s a button for that:

Yeah, that will save time and improve your workflow.

3. Team Templates

You may have noticed when the team app launched, there was a label for ‘Templates’ but there was only one. This is no longer true – you are free to move about the templates:

And yes, we’ll be doing the same to the Individual Page section very soon!!

4. Structured Data

There are lots of ways to tell Google what your site is about. One of these is called Structured Data. We’ve added this to your site now, another automatic boost for SEO, along with a number of speed and overall site improvements that should improve your experience overall!

Thank you for being a part of our EAP family – if you have issues on your site, please report to Support – we are focused on fixing issues asap!

12/11 Update – These are a few of my favorite things…

No More Excitement

Dear readers – I must confess, I’m the excitable type. If I were an atomic molecule, I would be always trying for the higher energy field. Which might explain why these blogs are always structured like a panic attack – ‘wow – wow – wow, ps. wow.’

That said, today’s topics are so stellar, I’m just going to play it straight. No hype, no excitement. “Just the facts, ma’am.”

I’ll wait to hear your heads’ exploding as you find out how hard it is to keep this much awesome inside one brain. Good luck.

Team App

If you’ve ever wished you could add, edit, and display your team easily, your wish comes true today. Where in life does this even happen?

On the apps screen, you’ll see a lovely Team icon now.

Click it, and enter a new world of possibilities:


A Better Path – Multiple Improvements for Paths

‘A little old, a little new…’

Happy Grasshopper

Who needs a little happy in their lives? We’re integrated with Happy Grasshopper now – just choose that option in Paths, grab the email address from your Happy Grasshopper account for the tag you want the leads to receive and you’re off!


Who doesn’t need a little ology in their lives? That didn’t work too well – but our integration with Agentology works – send leads to Agentology for follow-up as buyer or seller leads!

Even better – like what Agentology offers? Get a 1-month free trial on us – click here for more info!!

Testing 1, 2, 3…

Ever wish you could just test a Path? Well…now you can – just click “Send a Test Lead”:

Hey you – breathe – I know this is exciting, but we need you to stick around longer than the 2 minutes it’s going to take to finish reading this post!!

Improved Integrations

If you’re a Top Producer user, we’ve deepened this integration (we’re shipping a Follow Up Boss improvement shortly as well)

New Lead icons

I’m just going to show you this one – hopefully these are pretty self-explanatory:


Speed Improvement for Site Editor Pages

Have you ever driven a car that seemed slow? I have. After a while, you start doubting that the speedometer is telling the truth. This does not feel like 50 MPH. Well…I’ll confess that the backside of a LeadSite felt like that sometimes. And I’ll forgive you if you assumed ‘if this thing is this slow for me, how slow is it for my visitors?’

But no more. In this update, there is a significant speedboost for the backend – I even miss seeing the green loading bars (I had to try three times to get this screencapture – that’s how much I love you!)

Along with all this goodness, there’s another crop of small enhancements that should make things work better throughout your LeadSite.

I hope you’re finding space in the days of this season to balance gratitude with the burning ambition to take over the world. We’re grateful for you – and we’re here to help you take over the world!!

12/7 – You’ve Got It

Breaking: EasyAgentPRO Improves the Product Again!

It is the season for gifts – so I guess we can’t be faulted for wanting to join in – and I know I sound like a broken record, but this dev blog task is the best part of my job these days – I love delivering improved features and performance in such tangible ways. I hope you’re enjoying the enhancements!

To be fair, I am currently equal parts excited about yesterday’s release and some features in dev right now. It’s like we’re riding in a rocket together and screaming ‘how high can this thing go?!?’ and it just. keeps. going.

Where to begin? I think I’m just going to start with cool and work toward supercalifragilisticexpifunctionalocious!!

App Search Feature

Just in case you’re overwhelmed by all the apps, or you’re working on a smaller screen, just start typing the name of the app you need in the box and watch the selections shrink:

LionDesk API Connection Improvement

Just a few days ago, I asked in Beat Zillow what CRM and content providers you would like to see us integrate with – I was surprised that many of the responses were actually for a better integration with LionDesk. When we initially built Paths, there was missing functionality on the LionDesk side of that connection. But no more – now you can choose additional variables to start automations on the LionDesk side:

Look for more connections with CRM’s and content providers coming soon!!

More Profile Fields

More and better EAP profile fields – yes, we know, having to ask Support to fix simple things is silly. That’s why under Apps –> Settings –> LeadSite Information you’ll find even more things you can change – logo, headshot, background image, etc. (More is coming on this – I’m. So. Stoked!)

Map View on IDX Search Results

Want to see a miracle? Well, okay, how about a map? Close, isn’t it? Now IDX search results have an optional map view – pretty sweet if you ask me:

New IDX Template

We’re all about the templates these days – we want to create easy-to-change options in different areas of your site. This release added another IDX single property listing template that you can choose – lookin’ good in the neighborhood:

This template is so beautiful, it brings a tear to my eye – check it out at Apps –> IDX –> Templates:

Oh, and this template has the printable PDF option as well. Mercy, two tears. Enjoy 🙂

New Help Center

Okay, I warned you we were going all the way to peak awesome in this release, right? Or did I say supercalifragilisticexpifunctionalocious?

Well, either way, here we are – the Education link on your site has been transformed to a help center that makes it easy to find help articles, open a ticket, sign up for daily Support Sessions, Office Hours, or locate specific videos. Look for us to improve the quality, amount, and organization of this content, but for now, just look upon the beauty:

I gotta get a hanky – I’m just so…moved. Next up – a ton of improvement in the actual help articles, so hang in there loyal readers, we’re just getting started!

And of Course – More Responsive, Speed, & User Experience Improvements

We’re continuously on the lookout for opportunities to improve overall functionality of LeadSites. This release had lots of little improvements and bug fixes that you may or may not notice, but little by little, these kinds of changes are tightening the user experience and expected behaviors throughout the site.

Specifically on the topic of site speed, we’ve talked here before about the weaknesses and challenges in all the speed measurement tools. We’ve addressed a number of speed concerns directly with massive infrastructure improvements, however, at this point, the measure I like best is my own satisfaction when surfing on a site – LeadSites load quickly and look good doing it – if you haven’t been on the ‘other side’ of your site in a while, I’d invite you to hop over to your URL and just cruise around a bit. Look at the beautiful site…mmm.

Whatever today finds you doing – all of us here at EasyAgentPRO wish you a fabulous Friday – stay safe, focused, and may all your real estate dreams come true!

Recent Updates – 11/28

Post-holiday Cheer

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday and Website Wednesday, right? Every day is a cyber deal here at EasyAgentPRO. We work hard every day to increase the value we’re delivering on your LeadSite and we’ve got some very solid improvements in our latest batch!


We hear from lots of our customers that BoomTown is an option for them, maybe through a team or broker relationship, however, they still want to own the front of their lead generating system. Well, now you can have it both ways. We’ve integrated Paths with BoomTown so you can flow leads from your site for follow-up with the BoomTown system.

Why is this important: BoomTown has a good lead follow-up system and if you have access to this as a part of an existing business relationship, why not take advantage of it? On the other hand, owning your lead generation system is critical to long-term success in the business, so generating your own leads then nurturing them in the BoomTown CRM seems like the best of both worlds.

What do I have to do: 

1. From the dashboard, navigate to Apps –> Paths –> API Settings

2. Click the plus sign to add an integration, then choose BoomTown from the dropdown:

3. Drop in your unique BoomTown lead address into the field and click save:

4. Add BoomTown to any Paths where you want leads to flow into BoomTown.

I’ll take Settings for $500

Settings – Change your settings, change your site! You can now enable a user profile to change your name, company, phone, email, and address site wide.

What do I have to do: Just click the box to enable and then make changes (there are still a few places that may not change – we’re deepening this feature by the day)

And Finally, it’s the Little Things…

Instafarm Photo Improvements: I don’t know about you, but some days drag and drop sounds like me after 5 PM…but in this case, I’m talking about re-ordering pictures in Instafarm. Yes – you can do it. We’ve also updated the photos on the front-end to use significantly less code and look much better on mobile.

Cache-busting: if you’re reading this, it’s possible you’ve had Support ask you to clear your cache so that your site looks ‘right’. We know this is frustrating, but by way of a little backstory, we’ve actually made this problem worse in pursuit of speed, by following Google’s directives to store files on your machine that typically don’t change often. We get it – you head over to your trusty website to see what your clients are seeing, and suddenly there’s weeping and gnashing of teeth. Well now, we’ve made it better. In most cases, this should happen automatically going forward with each release.

Faster and faster: And speaking of speed, we’re quickly approaching Tesla Roadster levels of site speed – with improvements both moving the needle on Google’s Pagespeed and in realized speed on your sites. Now, some assets are essentially pre-loaded at the closest point to you on the internet, just waiting for you to request them. Go ahead, make my day!

UI/UX/Bugs: I’ve worked around custom code now for almost a decade. Everything is born broken, and then we improve it. Over the past two weeks, we’ve shipped over 10 code deployments with a couple dozen bug fixes, UI improvements, and CSS fixes. Call it a general tightening up, but we’re doing some pretty heavy housekeeping and we hope it shows.

As always, if you have issues, please drop a note to [email protected] We’re constantly identifying improvements and moving them to the dev team to get them taken care of.

We did just wrap up a holiday of thankfulness and I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that all of us are deeply thankful for all of you. And I’m grateful to work on a team of passionate and dedicated folk who are focused on improving every aspect of what we offer. Whatever this season means to you, we wish you the best of it!