3/19 Update – Templates & Magic

Well, another week, some more new code. Almost feels like rhythm, doesn’t it?

I’ve got two themes for you in this update – templates & magic. Let’s start with templates. As we’ve discussed before, late in 2017 we began to transition a lot of our apps over to a new look and feel, one that included an option for templates.

Our push for 2018 is to populate these options for templates with, well, lots of templates, as you may have guessed. And are we ever!?!

In this update, you’ll find a new Blogger Pro app, which is a re-up of the old Blogger Pro, but with a beautiful template selector with template options for both the blog itself AND for the blog feed. Gaze on the beauty –

Bottom line – we’re talking about 3 beautiful blog feed templates and an easy selector that let’s you change easily between them. One for each day of the week, I mean, on a short week, amirite?

Speaking of templates, that reminds me about the IDX app – this one is so cool, it needs a video – a simple GIF just won’t do it. So here – check out the growth of the IDX App –

Speaking of Squeeze Templates – that reminds me of something so magical that just happened.

Squeeze Templates 5 & 7 have been re-written to use information from your site – name, colors, phone number, logo, and background picture as appropriate. The goal here is to make Squeeze more friendly out-of-the-box…

Check this out:

Above, you can see the background photo, logo, and button colors are all site specific. Now you can go even faster when setting up Squeeze pages without having to update info – we’ll be setting existing templates to use site information as the primary source going forward. Of course, you can always change any of these elements to different photos, text, logos, etc. This update just ensure that these basic pages are on-brand out-of-the-box.

Which, is almost magical, no?

Well, speaking of magic, some of you have already noticed our latest dose of magic on your site. We’re always looking for ways to save you time and make site editing easier. With that in mind, Tyler added a site editor that should massively decrease time editing in your site.

Here’s the easiest way to access this editor:

1. Log into your site.

2. Click the menu far right and select View My Site – this will open your site in a new window.

3. You’ll now see a green bar across the top of your site – the first button will take you to your dashboard, the 2nd button will go to the Apps screen, and any relevant apps by page will be shown in icons at the bottom – this page is an Instafarm and will take you to that app if you click the button

Or, here’s a blog shot, with a direct link to Blogger Pro

Which, is where we began our journey together just a few short paragraphs ago – and with that perfect circle of life, I’ll leave you to log in and find all this awesomeness on your own site.

P.S. More awesomeness ahead – the things I’ve seen recently in dev…just so exciting. And yes, we cleaned up some bugs, fixed a few things here and there, and generally tried to tidy in addition to these improvements. As usual, if you see something, say something. And thank you for reading, commenting with your questions or thoughts, and of course, for being such fab customers!!