2/1 Update – Good Stuff Ahead

Well – who knew that our first major 2018 update would be so exciting.

Unfortunately, I don’t just mean the new and improved features of Squeeze 2, the new team pages, new sorting options for Bragwall, and some core/speed updates that should have been really pleasing.

I also mean the unexpected bugs, issues with Squeeze 1 pages working correctly, and a sprinkling of issues and disappointing problems across sites.

If you were one of those impacted, you probably don’t think I’m using strong enough language.

EasyAgentPRO is a young company – young enough to still make a whopper now and then, and this was definitely that. We’ve been working nearly ’round the clock to fix bugs, repair issues, and examine the process that got us into this spot. We’ve had a number of insights and improvements even under the gun of getting back to good and we wanted to share some of those with you.

  1. We made a change in our dev staff. At the bottom of these issues is bad code and we are too good for that at this point. So…long.
  2. We have built and implemented automated testing. One of the challenges of a growing codebase is that human testing processes become more difficult to manage – ultimately, humans get tired of testing things, and dev’s and QA testers start subtly hoping for the best. Our automated testing already caught a bug that we’ve repaired.

3. We’ve been able to improve our codebase while fixing a number of these bugs – so the net is better functionality, cleaner code, and a better experience for users going forward.

But these are just part of our improvements. While largely overshadowed by Thursday’s release, we’ve also returned to a full content schedule just last week. Mike Hicks, an agent and marketer from Tampa, FL is creating YouTube videos, Tyler is doing a once-a-week interview, we’re running a full blog schedule and are producing weekly explainer videos on LeadSites features.

We recognize that these activities are important aspects of the value we offer and they had been stopped for some time. We’ll continue to provide great content that helps you understand how to use LeadSites to get leads and grow your business.

We have worked hard over the past six months to improve our product and gain momentum in our support and development teams. This last week has been a difficult challenge in these areas. We’re learning some hard lessons, but we remain committed to giving you a great product that supports your real estate goals.

Now – a few words about the improvements in this release – I mean, there is a lot of good news buried under the bugs 🙁

1. BragWall Ordering

Ever wish you could just put your best foot forward, on your Bragwall? Now you can…just drag and drop:

2. Squeeze 2 Features

Yes, I know…these didn’t rollout smoothly, but still, the Squeeze 2 interface is beautiful and it adds some really sweet functionality that was missing in Squeeze Let’s break a couple of these down:

Split Testing – when you’re building a landing page, there’s almost always a question of which approach – which language, which picture, which call to action? Now you don’t have to guess, and you don’t need another platform or some big complicated set up – you can just make a second page, then monitor to see the winner:

Cloning – ever want a page exactly like a current page, but you just need to change a few things? That used to mean re-building a page from the ground up, trying to match the content and choices you made in the first page. And now, there’s a button for that:

Yeah, that will save time and improve your workflow.

3. Team Templates

You may have noticed when the team app launched, there was a label for ‘Templates’ but there was only one. This is no longer true – you are free to move about the templates:

And yes, we’ll be doing the same to the Individual Page section very soon!!

4. Structured Data

There are lots of ways to tell Google what your site is about. One of these is called Structured Data. We’ve added this to your site now, another automatic boost for SEO, along with a number of speed and overall site improvements that should improve your experience overall!

Thank you for being a part of our EAP family – if you have issues on your site, please report to Support – we are focused on fixing issues asap!