11/28 – Features, features, features…

Three Exciting Features in Yesterday’s Release

I know – I sound like a broken record. Oh, wow. Amazing. This is crazy. I mean, have you seen this??? I guess I just love seeing things work – I love it when we can dev things that tangibly make the product better – and today is another one of those days!

I’ve got three features for you that are very practical, create flexibility and a better user experience:

Open Header Leads Links in a New Window

I was recently on one of my favorite customer sites and noticed they were running a beautiful promotion encouraging people to give to a community organization supporting victims of the recent California fires.

I clicked to see what the promotion looked like and suddenly I was off the site and down a rabbit hole! In other words, their good deed was sending traffic somewhere else for good. It would be up to the user to come back to their site after helping. I’m a marketer at heart and while I love encouraging people to be generous with their cash, expecting me to share traffic that generously is a completely different thing! Come on!!

So – I asked Tyler to fix this – and woo-laa!!

Now you can open links in a new tab – want to send traffic to a cause, a CMA, a lender, or any other off-site promotion? Pop that link up in a new window and keep your website open in the visitor’s browser.

Similar Listings/Listing Search: This is one of those little improvements that doesn’t require you to do anything. I was researching a client-reported bug the other day – seems that when you search an area with no properties, the response was so generic, it looked like the search wasn’t performed or was just broken.

Now we’ve added better messaging AND improved the similar search capabilities to notify visitors better and get them to properties faster. (Nothing to do here – just wanted you to know!)

That Share is Better…

Enhanced Social Share Templates: Want different social share buttons on your site? Well, just click your mouse (heels) and it will be so:

What do I need to do: 
1. From your dashboard, navigate to Apps –> Social Share.
2. Scroll down and select the template you want displayed.
3. Click Save

Forecast – More Goodness

While that’s it for the moment, there’s so much goodness coming, if I was into reading tea leaves, I’d say you’re getting a better cup. Stay tuned – please continue to let us know what you need to be successful and we’ll keep tweaking the ones-and-zeros!