11/14 Knockin ’em Down

I can’t believe I have to write this. More updates have shipped. Job security, dear reader, job security for the dev blogger.

Seriously, Tyler and the dev team have been working tirelessly to bring you improvements, updates, and slick new features. Want to know what’s in this batch – read on!!

1st up – Never Lose Your Spot Again: Are you worried about users landing on a  page of properties, clicking the first listing, and then being lost to the ages? This Target Blank update is your friend. When you enable this on your site, every single property link will open in a new tab, enabling your users to view the page, then return to the previous page where their search is still present.

Why is this important: if you direct users to a search page, they may not select Back and return to the search after viewing a single property page – now the search stays in one window when they click to look at individual properties.

What do I have to do: 
1. enable Target Blank under Apps –> IDX –> Settings –> Target Blank.

2. (P.S. While you’re there, turn on Similar Search and Infinity Listings so you keep your cool kid card AND your site is more user-friendly for visitors!)

3. That’s it – whenever a single property IDX is clicked, it will open in a new window. Keep visitors engaged longer and get more mileage from your saved searches – starting NOW!

Zip Code IDX Searches – now site visitors can search for homes using a ZIP code! (I know, some of these things seem a little non-cutting edge – nevertheless, now you can!)

Blog Feed URL – in the past there has been some confusion about what URL to submit to register your blog feed with sites like Realtor.com. We’ve added this link to the Find Me app so you can just cut and paste.

Facebook Links open in App on IOS – Facebook links on your site now open in the IOS app vs. Facebook in a browser. It’s the little things, right?

Change Your Own Social Links – some problems are just too small to bother contacting Support – now you can edit your own social links in Social Share:

**Big Improvement Alert**

I’m sorry – I just can’t help myself. Some of these are so great!!

1. Stay Logged-in Longer – this update is completely for you, agent-marketers.

This is an improvement dedicated to the power user, the blog writer, the site builder, yeah, you. Used to be that when you went to the login page (/login), you were always presented with a login screen, even if you had just logged in moments before.

Now, your site will check for the login cookie and if it is still active, you will be automatically redirected to your dashboard. I know, less logging in might trigger withdrawals – who doesn’t like to pound in a password every now and then? Come to Beat Zillow and we’ll soothe your cravings with new lead gen ideas!

Important clarification – you might be tempted to think

‘Oh no! My site isn’t secure anymore because I didn’t even have to log in and I’m looking at my dashboard.’

Never fear – this is not the case. You’re only logged in automatically because you have an active session in your browser from a previous successful login. Don’t worry – your users and malicious individuals won’t be rolling in without showing proper ID to the code bouncer!

2. Mobile App View – want IDX on mobile that looks like an app? There’s a switch for that.

Why is this important: Mobile traffic continues to climb on the web. Having an app-looking interface is great because it’s doesn’t actually require visitors to download an app, but it presents the button options in a simple interface that will be recognizable and easy to use.

What do you have to do:

1. From the Dashboard to go Apps –> IDX –> Templates –> Mobile Menu

2. Select Use This Template:

3. Enjoy this:

4. OOOOoooohh, look at those buttons!?! Brings a small tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

Of course, there were a few more improvements that dropped yesterday as well – most of them, you’ll never notice, but they make the machine run smoother, faster, and shinier. Things look better on mobile, a few glitchy errors are no more (going to miss those!), and the Single Property Squeeze template got a few improvements.

That said, I want to pull the curtain back a bit and let you know that our Support team is on the look-out for broken things – they flow issues to our dev team who is primed to identify the issues and find fixes fast! Lots of the items in this release and many more over the past couple of months are directly related to your feedback and input. For that, we are thankful. We remain committed to improving the product, improving your experience, and perhaps most importantly, improving your results. Stay tuned for more exciting developments (see what I did there?)!