On-Page Power: Redirects, Page-Specific Tracking Code, And More

Today’s update is all about bringing more powerful options to your specific pages and blog posts:

You now have advanced settings that allow you to install page-specific pixels if you want more tracking power on pages and blog posts.

You can now also setup redirects. So if you have old blog posts on your new site with a different URL and need to use redirects for SEO purposes, you can do that. Or if you want an old resource to redirect to a new and better resource, you can do that too.

And for our highly advanced users, or for you who are working with a web development savvy marketing firm, you can also now add custom CSS and JavaScript to specific pages!

We also removed or condensed more code from the “head” section of LeadSites. You should continue to notice incremental speed improvements.

More great updates on the way!



Rich Pins, Twitter Cards, and a Smarter Media Library

Today’s update brings exciting changes to your LeadSite that allow you to use the latest shiny tools on Pinterest and Twitter (as well as a few other “creature comfort” improvements to your site).

Ready to look better on social media?

YES! We’re pushing code to your LeadSite that allows you to use both Rich Pins on Pinterest and Twitter Cards on Twitter.

Both of these tools allow you to create a richer, more impressive experience for your fans on social media.

Double Emails on Resetting Passwords

If you’ve ever gone through a password reset then you know that our process was a bit… Messy.

In some cases, multiple emails were going out, making it seem like your password was getting reset multiple times.

Sorry 🙁

But it’s fixed now 🙂

Media Library Pagination

Want better organization for the files in your media library?

You got it!

This update allows you to browse items in your library by file type.

No more digging through images for that ebook PDF!

Squeeze Edit Button

Were you having trouble using your edit button to go from your Squeeze page back to the editor?

You weren’t alone.

Sorry 🙁

But that’s fixed now too 🙂

These updates will ship tonight or early tomorrow.

More great updates on the way!



We Cut Dead Weight For Faster EVERYTHING (Plus: Integrate with Infusionsoft and Better Email Parsing)

Some updates are shiny and obvious, like a new squeeze page template or a total overhaul of an app. Today’s updates are less obvious but bring massive improvements to your LeadSite experience.

Here are a few things to get excited about:

Integration with Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is one of the most powerful marketing automation platforms out there. And if you’re an Infusionsoft user, you can now integrate directly with your LeadSite:

Better Email Parsing

In short: Email parsing is now bigger and better.

You can send more data from your LeadSite to wherever you need it to go.

And for many of you, you’ll be glad to know that you can send leads more effectively to platforms like Boomtown.

A Better 404 Page For Non-IDX LeadSite Users

Recently, we added a better 404 page that shows featured listings for LeadSite users with IDX so site visitors never hit a dead end on your site.

Today, we’re adding a 404 page that works for LeadSite users who use our non-IDX option.

Removed 22MB Worth Of Data From Backend

In our continued effort to makes LeadSites lightning fast, we combed through LeadSites to find any wasted space and remove it.

Part of today’s update will slice out 22MB of dead weight, which will make your site leaner and faster.

Squeeze Is Now Faster Than Ever

Previously, different squeeze pages pulled from their own individual asset libraries.

But all of the design elements now pull from a central library, which saves space and speeds up load times.

Even More Speed Improvements

One of the requirements of modern search engine optimization is to have lean code in the “head” section of any website. This creates fast load times and a better experience for your site visitors.

With this update, we’re removing or condensing over 600 lines. 

More great updates on the way!



Infusionsoft Integration & Backend Speed Improvement

We’re excited to announce that LeadSites now integrates with Infusionsoft. Much like every other Paths integration, you can where leads go inside Infusionsoft, what leads get sent to Infusinosoft, and how your leads are distributed in Infusionsoft.

You can setup your Infusionsoft account with your LeadSites via Paths Api Settings. And then add it to any Path.




Finally, we’ve incorporated some backend speed updates in this launch to hopefully make your experience with LeadSites better.

LeadSites Leads Integrate With IHomefinder!

LeadSite’s now can send leads directly into  iHomefinder!

In addition to adding a listing Sitemap to LeadSites, Target Areas for you to increase your SEO, and our single property landing page…we are now excited to announce our iHomefinder integration with Paths.



You can now add leads from Squeeze pages, Contact Me, InstaFarm or any other EAP App directly into iHomefinder.

This will allow you the ability to drip IDX listings on all of your leads.

Single Property Squeeze Page, Better Email Meta Data, Faster Loadtimes, & fixes under the hood

We’re excited to launch our first Single property squeeze tempalate!

This will allow you to feature those individual listings very easily. It looks like this:


Additionally, we’ve upgraded our email notifications in Paths. There is now a Notification email section & a different email parsing section.


This will allow you to easily export leads to almost any provider. The new email parsing emails include meta data with lead information in addition to information in the body of the email.


Finally, there is a big speed and resource minification upgrade in this launch! 🙂




PS: We have tons of good stuff almost ready to launch. More single property Squeeze templates…integrations with Facebook Lead Ads, and more. Keep and eye on

LeadSites Now Includes A Listing Sitemap!

On Friday, we launched Target Areas. This gives you the ability to add link clusters or link clouds to all of your areas you want to link for.

Today, we’re increasing the SEO effectiveness of your IDX by including a listing sitemap! 🙂

It lists every listing on your site by zipcode. You can access it by going to APPS > FIND ME. You’ll find the link listed right next to your other sitemaps.


Between our new IDX app letting you add Target Areas and this listing sitemap, we expect rankings for individual listings to skyrocket!

NOTE: Listing sitemaps will load slowly over the next few days and will not automatically appear in your footer menu. We are actively working on fixing these two things.

Overview Of Target Areas:

Updates To LeadSites: Popups 2.0, Better IDX For SEO, And A New Squeeze Page!

We’ve got some great updates for you this week!

By now, you’ve all seen our new Popups 2.0 app. This app does way more than popups! You can now embed popups on blogs and pages, or setup specific popups just for your IDX listings.

If you haven’t read about it, see more here.

And today, I’m excited to announce we have a brand new app for you. This one helps make IDX on your LeadSite even better!

Introducing: IDX Target Areas


Are you tired of writing all those InstaFarm pages in order to rank on Google?

This new app makes it easier to increase your Google rankings automatically with your LeadSite.

You simply type in a list of all the areas or zip codes you want to target.

Then, your LeadSite creates a link to all of your target areas on the front of your site.

This gives Google many more pages to crawl on your LeadSite and increases the rank-ability of your property pages.

In other words, Google will now see all of your individual listings instead of just the ones you list via your InstaFarm app.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go into your new IDX app in the Apps section:

2. You select your Target Areas via the IDX App:

2) Put the embed code it gives you on any page you’d like:

3) The embed code generates a cluster of cities and zipcodes that your visitors can click on (and Google can crawl), like this:

This can and should be added to any page on your LeadSite!

It’ll help your SEO rankings and help you get free leads from search traffic 🙂


Finally, inside of the IDX app, you can also add and change meta information! (Only use this if you really know what you’re doing!)

New Way To Track Leads In Squeeze

You can now easily track leads you get from Squeeze pages with Facebook. Just click the Pixels icon and it turns on lead or page view tracking! 🙂

New Mortgage Calculator Squeeze Page

There’s also a brand new mortgage calculator squeeze page for you to use!

Please let us know via Facebook which of these features you really like.

It helps us as we continue to make our product better!



New Squeeze Template, Facebook Messenger Now Available In Contact Me, and Other Improvements

We are wrapping up the final touches on Smart Popup 2.0 and we thought we’d drop a few more features!

If you haven’t seen what’s coming in Smart Popup 2.0, check out this video:


Updates To Contact Me

Contact Me sits on the side of your LeadSite and lets users directly message you. We’ve expanded this app to work with Facebook Messenger.

Now you can get more people contacting you than ever before directly to Facebook. This opens up a host of awesome marketing opportunities. You can setup Facebook chat bots, conversion sequences, and contact people directly through your Facebook page’s messenger app.

In Fact: Did you know you can’t message someone unless they message you first through your Facebook Page?

Adding Messenger to your site allows people to open those lines of communication more easily, and allows you to engage them in more fluid conversation.

We’re excited to hear stories of how agents use this app. Here’s how you turn it on and what it looks like:


Newest Squeeze Page

We’re excited to also launch a new squeeze page that should make it easier to get buyer and seller leads. This page helps you announce a listing before it hits the market. You can then share it on Facebook, Twitter, or through email. This will help you collect leads and promote your listings better.

Here’s what it looks like:

Other Updates And Improvements:

Like always, we’ve updated several things to run faster and work better for you. We’ve added an “Off” switch to social share for mobile and desktop views. This is in addition to the left, right, top, & bottom options you already had.

We’ve also expanded the Pinterest sharing button to automatically pull in all images on the page.


– Tyler

New LeadLock Link Builder & Social Media Sharing Options!

Today’s update makes it easier than ever before to use our enhanced LeadLock!

As you know, LeadLock now:

  • Tracks all Facebook leads automatically
  • Can have a custom image by putting &image= behind the url
  • Can have a custom title by putting ?title= behind the url
  • And can be either #lock for a full lead or #email for just the email.

But, that’s super complicated!

So, we extended LeadLock even further by building a LeadLock form generator for you. You can access it from the backend of your site. It looks like this:


This means you’ll be able to generate links for those new blogs, listings, and InstaFarms in no time!

Enjoy 🙂

Social Share Upgrades:

We also upgraded everyone’s site with Facebook’s newest social share feature.

It’s called “Facebook Quote Share”.

You can now highlight any text on your LeadSite and share it instantly to Facebook…like this:


This should get all EAP LeadSites clients more organic social media traffic.

Let us know if you like this new feature.

Want to turn it off? Simple head on over to your Social Share settings app, and turn if off here:


Hope you enjoy both the updates!

There were also performance updates & EAP Support improvements included.